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Important Notes

From our experience, many Hajj is tend to get sick due to fatigue from travelling, crowd and unhygienic conditions that exist in the surrounding areas. Our decision to enter into the Kingdom about 5-6 days before the Hajj start, will limit the exposure to these unhygienic conditions.


Our program start on or about the 1st of Zill Hijjah. This is considered to be the “High Season” for the Hajj and hotel prices are at its peak. As a result, our prices will reflect differently comparing to other Hajj Providers. Nevertheless our prices are still competitive with other Hajj Providers.


We offers one program to accommodate a wide cross-section of people. We understand that there are people who can afford higher priced packages and some may not afford more than what is offered by Dawat-e-Hajj & Umrah. But everyone must be aware that Allah is watching over us and the sacrifice made by someone to accommodate others can be very rewarding.

The following is very important to read in preparing for the Hajj

  • A visa will not be granted to the following people: a)A sister under the age of 45 travelling without a Mahram. b)Anyone outside of the Pakistan at the time for issuing visas. This applies to only Non-US Citizens. c)A person who does not have permission to legally reside in the Pakistan. For example: Those who have a US Visitor Visa cannot not get a “Hajj Visa” in the Pakistan.


  • Passports must have 6 months validity from date of travel before a visa can be issued.


  • Passports must have two pages opposite each other blank. For example: like the middle page of a book.


  • Any infant or child who is issued with a Hajj Visa is subjected to full package price. Some airlines may give a 75% discount on cost of the ticket but this is not guaranteed during the Hajj season.


  • Choice of a special airline will result in the individual(s) traveling by themselves and not in the group. In this case, instructions will be given on how to reach the group prior to arrival at Jeddah airport.


  • Airline schedules are subject to change without notice. Passengers traveling in our group must be able to be flexible by one or two days before and after the Hajj program with last minute notification.


  • Hotels are rated according to Saudi standards. Comparison should not be made with hotel ratings in the Pakistan.




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